Our mission is to make necessary organizational arrangements in order to teach basic subjects of Information Technology; and to coordinate and/or do “Introduction to Computer I-II” courses. In addition, we aim to build Information Technology Training in the level of contemporary educational institutions in line with the principles of continuous development, updating; and total quality approach. With the goal of benefiting from the potential of the staff employed at the university, it is highly important to accomplish other missions of the university in a variety of projects that the university needs. In general, these projects are as follows:

  • to develop web-based software for Information Technology of the university
  • to design all the web-pages of each department at the university
  • to prepare projects and presentations
  • to install and manage System Server services such as Internet, e-mail, FTP, Database, Anti-Virus, Proxy, backup, DNS, DHCP; and to provide security of these services
  • to substantially increase the number of the individuals who benefit from the basic Information Technology in line with the goals of our university with the help of the renewal of the infrastructure of the Network.
  • to make analysis of the investment projects for Information Technology; and to determine and provide the wishes of the users by developing projects.